Frequently Asked Questions

Does INTERIORS re-upholster furniture?
Unfortunately, we do not re-upholster furniture. We find that it often costs more to re-upholster than to buy a new product. If you require having some of your furniture re-upholstered, we do offer a wide selection of re-upholstery fabric for you to purchase and we can supply you with names of some of the local companies who do re-upholster furniture.

Will INTERIORS remove my old furniture?
We are able to remove and dispose old furniture for a fee. See your designer/salesperson or our scheduler for rates. As an alternative, we can also provide you with names of local companies who deal with consignment of used furniture or an agency that will work with you to donate your furniture for charity. We will remove your existing mattress and boxpring from the INTERIORS showroom (sorry, INTERIORS Outlet mattress/boxspring purchases are excluded).

Does INTERIORS special order furniture?
Yes, a large percentage of our business is special/custom ordered furniture - ordered just for you! If options are what you want, then custom order is for you. You can often select fabric, finish, cushion, and many other specific choices. Even ordering toss pillows in a coordinating or contrasting color can be done. Remember that custom ordering will take longer than stock ordering. The average wait for special order items is approximately 4-12 weeks, depending on the manufacturer and availability of frames and fabrics.

Does INTERIORS provide design service?
Is it complimentary?

Yes, INTERIORS does provide design service as a complimentary service to customers who are purchasing furniture. INTERIORS has a team of sales staff, design consultants and interior designers who will be happy to assist you with all of your home interior questions. We can provide in-store service or a house call if needed. Please click here for all the information regarding our design service and see how it works.

What type of warranty comes with furniture purchases?
INTERIORS' furniture is covered for a minimum of one (1) year against manufacturer defects. Other extended warranties could be in effect by individual manufacturers that may increase the warranty period. Click here for additional information on INTERIORS satisfaction guarantees and warranty information.

How do I care for my new upholstery?
Just a little special attention will help you maintain the beauty and comfort of your upholstery. All seat cushions should be reversed weekly and the right, left and center cushions on the sofa should be rotated to achieve consistent wear. If you have purchased one of our softer chenille fabrics, it is especially important to turn the cushions to help prevent the covers from shifting on the core units. All back and toss pillows should be fluffed frequently to keep a luxurious appearance and a comfortable feel. Frequent vacuuming is recommended to prolong the life of the fabric.

My fabric is pilling. Is this normal? What should I do?
Pilling is a characteristic of many upholstery fabrics. It is excess fiber coming off the surface of the material. This release of excess fiber results in small balls or pills of fiber forming on the surface of the cover. This condition is a result of use/wear and not a defect of the fabric; the fabric is not deteriorating. When the excess fiber is gone the pilling will stop. Vacuuming and use of a fabric/sweater shaver will restore the look of the cover.

What do you recommend to clean and polish wood furniture?
As elementary as it sounds, regular dusting and polishing are the best guardians of the beauty of a fine furniture finish. Grandma with her feather duster understood the secret of preventing the accumulation of surface soil, often abrasive and harmful to a carefully rubbed finish. Dusting your furniture with a slightly damp soft cloth will pick up the dust, and at the same time will help to eliminate the static electricity that attracts dust to your furniture. The use of spray dusting and polishing products are not recommended as some will build up and cause your furniture to smudge and spot easily. Guardsman's polish (available at INTERIORS) is formulated especially for your new furniture. Use sparely and buff with a soft, lint-free cloth a few times a year to help maintain the beautiful finish.

How can I tell if fabric protection was applied to my furniture?
You won't be able to see or smell the Guardsman fabric protection. You can check for the label under the seat cushion. Sometimes the label may fall off, but don't worry. You will have a separate warranty card and our records will indicate that you purchased fabric protection, and that you are covered under the warranty.

What do I do when an accident happens and I have purchased the Guardsman Warranty program?
You must call Guardsman direct at 1-800-253-3957. Guardsman will ask you for your cleaning code, which will be located on your copy of the INTERIORS sales agreement on which the furniture was purchased. There will not be a cleaning code for leather, wood and/or glass items. Guardsman will advise you of your next step. Customers must call Guardsman within 5 days from when the stain or damage occurred. Guardsman will send you a claim form via mail or you may print a copy directly from our site (guardsman form link) or by visiting their web site at . Guardsman will require a copy of your sales agreement/receipt and a complete description of the stain/damage. Guardsman will contact you directly to send a service technician to your home.

Does INTERIORS sell gift certificates?
Yes, we do sell gift certificates and gift cards. They can be purchased in-person at our store in any dollar amount. Also, we can take telephone orders for gift certificates or gift cards with your credit card.

Does INTERIORS provide wheelchairs for customers?
Yes, we do provide a wheelchair that can be used for customers that may have a difficult time getting around our showroom. Please check in with our receptionist when you arrive.

What if I see the price of an item that you carry, but I saw it at another store at a lower price. Does INTERIORS price match?
INTERIORS wants you to purchase your home furnishings with confidence everyday and we are happy to offer you our Price Assurance Guarantee. Our managers check the competition's prices regularly. However, if within 10 days you would find the identical item at another store in our trading area that offers the same payment terms and customer service, we will gladly meet that price or refund the difference of your purchase, upon verification.

Does INTERIORS deliver outside the Lancaster area?
Yes, INTERIORS offers Red Carpet Delivery Service and does deliver to the Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Reading areas and beyond. Please click here for additional information on our Red Carpet Delivery Service and charges.

Does INTERIORS offer financing?
We are pleased to offer financing plans to our customers. INTERIORS has 1 Year financing everyday in our showroom and at promotional times may have other extended Financing Options available.

Financing offers includes monthly payments and No interest financing. Financing is available to qualified applicants and does require a $1000 minimum purchase and a 25% deposit of the total sale. All financing and payment plans are issued and administrated by GE Money Financial Services.

*INTERIORS Outlet is excluded from 1 year financing but does offer 6 months free financing. See store for more details.

Can I apply for financing online?
Yes. To complete a financing application online, go to You can also complete your application for financing at the kiosk in our showroom.


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